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Letter from the Editor »
Irrespective of the party in power, ushering in greater financial inclusion will remain on top of its priorities. This is also exemplified by the recent in-principle approval to grant bank licenses to IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services. Both have been strong and credible players in the field. IDFC with its strong management and leadership practices and pipeline can ensure a replication of its successes in area of infrastructure development to a much larger canvas....read more

Samavesh  »

Two hundred and thirty one women from across Gujarat were equal dialogue partners in “Samavesh – Accelerating Inclusive Growth” an ongoing financial literacy programme of Skoch Group being run in association with NSE for the second year. YES BANK also supported this programme.
...read more
Viewpoint »
Reforms are Critical for Regaining Growth
In early nineties India came out of the ‘Hindu Growth Rate’ (about 3.5 per cent) and moved to achieve an average growth of about 6-8 per cent. However, in last couple of years, again this growth has been gravitating towards that conservative ‘Hindu Growth Rate’.
Ram Narain

New Land Acquisition Act 2013: Ensuring inclusive growth in India
Ushering in of new land acquisition norms have opened up new vistas of growth. Its time that government and public sector entities put together their perspective development planning detailing their long-term strategies for future infrastruture growth, writes
D K Ojha

Book Release »


Financial Problems of Small Scale Industry

Small and medium enterprises are engines of growth. All they need is handholding, easy access to bank credit and a regulatory revel playing field,
writes S S Tarapore
...read more

Creating Jobs Through Skill Development

We need to gainfully employ our youth, the number of which is increasing with each passing year. Otherwise, our strength is running the risk of becoming a liability, cautions N C Saxena ...read more

Skoch Challenger Awards 2014»
instituted in 2003, salute people, projects and institutions that went the extra mile to make India a better nation. ...read more

Skoch Achiever Awards 2014»
Deepak Parekh is a man with a mission. He may well be the man who has steered HDFC to the pinnacle of mortgage success in India and it becoming a conglomerate with presence in banking, ...read more

  Exclusive »
A strong political leadership that is capable of taking decisions and also implements them is key to India’s growth, says Arun Jaitley
A few days ago my friend, the hon’ble finance minister, in the course of an interaction, asked me a question, how much economics does Mr Modi know? I responded by saying, what is it that makes a good leader of a government? A question that is intriguing everyone in this country is what has gone wrong in last few years. My view is that India cannot afford a non-politician as a prime minister....read more

Macroeconomic parameters present during 2007- 08 are still present, which should give us a durable rate of growth, insists C Rangarajan 
We need believers in the India story, we need hope that things will turn around for the better and we need to have the conviction that this will happen, says Deepak Parekh 
It all began way back when I mentioned to the prime minister and Montek about taking up some role in the government. When the Cabinet approved it in January 2009, I dreamt of doing this project, reminisces
Nandan Nilekani
If you ask me whether we are satisfied with the progress, the answer would be an unqualified ‘NO’. The larger question, therefore is, what is holding us back? asks
K C Chakrabarty 
Education is the most effective vehicle of socio-economic empowerment. Growth is meaningful and sustainable only if it is inclusive, write
Stuti Kacker 
and Ratnesh Kumar 

There is need to recognise ‘urban management’ as a formal course to be made part of the university system, says
R Vikram Singh 
Pressure from bank unions and spate of circulars from different departments in RBI: all make bankers a stressed out and sad lot, writes
K G Karmakar 
Removal of basic rural poverty in the country is no longer a rhetoric or a slogan. It is certainly doable. 
L C Goyal

For the sector to grow further, MFIs should be allowed to take savings deposits and become full financial services channel for the lower income groups, suggests
Chandra Shekhar Ghosh
  Corporate »

The National Insurance Company is growing from strength to strength during last few years after facing tumultuous years. Change management, sound business strategy, long-term vision, leadership and committed manpower have catapulted the company back on its growth trajectory, writes A V Girijakumar ...read more
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Economists Agonize Over a ModiNomics Budget
Atul K Thakur
The new government’s preferences are akin to the developmental thinking of Prime Minister, who puts priority on top and work on that. As clearly visible, the budget underlined some of the key visions configured in the first chapter from ModiNomics...
...read more  
On Budget»
A Budget for Rural India
K G Karmakar
This budget is not about financial markets, not about reforms, not about kick- starting the economy and is also not about banking reforms and what have you. This is a solid budget for Rural India and if the rural economy is safe, India’s economic growth is not in doubt. This budget is aimed largely at Rural India and we need to look at it from a rural perspective and it begins to make sound economic sense. There are a whole lot of goodies for the rural sector, analyses K G Karmakar
...read more  
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Q & A »
Indian Financial Sector on the Edge of a Precipice says Yashwant Sinha
Excerpts from an interview with Sameer Kochhar, Editor-in-Chief, INCLUSION
Question: What do you think of India’s financial sector performance?
Answer: We are really on the edge of a precipice in India as far as the financial sector is concerned. A declining, decelerating economy has created enormous problems for our public sector banks ...read more  

Feedback »
Feedback - Inclusion:
Effective Leadership Is The Answer

The article by Mr Tarapore on the 'Financial problems of MSMEs' is an excellent piece, a well researched one.  RBI, SIDBI et al should look at the issues flagged by the author and see that the MSME sector gets better deal. As he has mentioned it is more a 'glamour' in lending to larger units than MSMEs. See the way every banker has walked in to lend to King Fisher Airlines which has left a huge NPA of over Rs.7000 crore with very little hope of recovering it from the owners. Recently, the newspaper report mentions that the CBI when approached the SBI, the consortium banker to provide certain information on KFA, the latter had refused to do so. The RBI has also not taken any forensic study to see if any complicity in financing such large units. It is sad its own representatives are on the Boards of these banks which have lent huge loans to KFA and others. It is sad to see that Mr Mallaya is happily watching the IPL matches cheer-leading his cricket team while 1000s of KFA employees are in the lurch without any pay for months on. Will RBI listen to the cries of common man? 
Dr S Santhanam PhD(Eco), CAIIB General Manager (Retd), NABARD & Consultant - Development Finance Pune

Feedback - Inclusion:
Ideas for Growth, October-December 2013

I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister, Goa

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