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e-Gram Suraj




Rareworld Technologies,
Astha Tower,
Dhanwantari Marg, Freeganj,


Simputer OS – Arm Linux
Programming Languages – C, C++, TCL/TK


 E-Gram Suraj: Taking IT to Villages

e-Gram Suraj is a MIS-based application where critical information is stored and passed through ‘Simputers’ for updating Madhya Pradesh government’s central server. It is the first Hindi application that provides almost every information about a village, like population, families, crops, water resources, human resources, land and BPL details.

The objectives of the project were to provide a solution for the digitisation of the data,  and designing of applications in an easy to understand interface.


E-Gram Suraj is the first Hindi-based application to be used by patwaris/sarpanches. It provides almost every information about a village, including information on the Sampurna Gramin Rozgar, Swarnjayanti Gramin Swarozgar, Mulbhut Gramin Rozgar, Indra Awas, Rashtriya Parivar Sahayata and Pension Yojnas.

Earlier, the data was collected manually and the process of digitisation was taken care of by the National Informatics Centre. Now the field data collection applications are over a hand-held device that enable digitisation of data at the grassroots level. The users are given a brief training for the using the application. The data after being collected is synchronised with the cestral Server and a backend application generates reports (from the village-level to the state-level) to provide information which provides basis for deciding policies.


The solution offers benefits to both the government and society. The benefits to the Government include spot digitisation for faster updation of data and reduced paperwork resulting in a more efficient working system. It also provides for better resource tracking, fund  management, forecasting, planning and governance. Society benefits through easily available information on government policies and schemes through a transparent and comprehensible system.


Currently, the solution has been depolyed in two blocks in Madhya Pradesh. It will be deployed all across the state with approximately 9,000 users. It seeks to introduce the concept of a ‘mother gadget’ (hand-held device) that can be used to hold analytical data for administrators on the move, so that managing and decision-making at the top-most level becomes easier and faster. The solution has modules which are common to most states and with the availability of the application in all major languages, the project can easily be replicated. The future development will include providing modules that can handle socially relevant surveys for understanding problems of rural India. Other features will include spot printing, GPS, email in handwriting, weather forecasts, disaster relief management, guidance for better farming facilities and faster availability of information and funds at the village-level.

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