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Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA)


March 2004  


National Informatics Centre, A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.     


OpenOffice Suite,
NetBeans IDE, SLONY Database Replicator


 Common Integrated Police Application

CIPA, one of the mission mode projects under NeGP, is an attempt to build infrastructure and a mechanism to provide the basis for evolution of a nationwide crime and criminals information system from the police station-level onwards. 


The project involved standardisation of the core software and operating environment — with an option to customise for incorporating state-specific requirements — for automating crime and criminals’ related functions at the police station-level based on the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). The data collection mechanism, required for monitoring and control by higher levels was linked to the the automation of the processes. The data is automatically posted into the relevant statutory registers and periodic statements maintained by police stations, avoiding redundancy in data-entry efforts. Access is allowed to authorised users only and that too with appropriate restrictions.


CIPA is designed for automating the various functions at police stations like registering various types of cases by capturing the details of the complainant, accused, property stolen, victims, and place and time of occurrence. It records the events of developments made by the investigating officers in the case during investigation and facilitates entering the contents in the case diary. It records all developments in the case right up to the prosecution stage, like hearing of the case, and summons/warrants issued by the court. The solution maintains and updates details of criminals and organised gangs within the jurisdiction of a police station. The cost of system software required for deployment of the CIPA application has been negligible since it was bases on open source software. The application has already been replicated in about 2,800 locations in the country.


The architecture and design of the application is such that state-specific functionalities can be developed and easily integrated into the main application. This facilitates seamless horizontal growth of the application, both in terms of core and local customisation requirements. A single-CD version bundled with the CIPA application has been prepared in-house by the National Informatics Centre, with an extremely user-friendly installation procedure and can be downloaded from any NIC centre through the NIC Intranet. The CIPA databases will be consolidated at a central place (respective state headquarters), and made available for query purposes by various officers/offices at circle, range, district, and state-levels, through web-based software interfaces on the intranet.

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