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IT For Local Self-Governance | Monitoring panchayat funds

Panchayati Raj Institutions Accounting Monitoring Software (PRIASOFT)

Microsoft platform /
application used

Windows 2000 Server;
SQL Server 2000;
IIS; ASP; VBScript
Panchayati Raj Department, Government of Orissa

Monitoring panchayat funds

PRIASOFT is a web-based e-governance application which is a government-to-citizen as well as a government-to-government system. It addresses the monitoring of funds at three-tier Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) under different account heads, on a month end basis. It also contains the database of all Self Help Groups (SHG) created under different key activity areas. It monitors the financial health of each SHG through bank savings, advance and stock position.

The citizen section of the application provides financial information to the public whereas the government section captures data and generates MIS reports in the specified format as per the need at the state, district, block and GP levels. The project has been operational since 2003. It has appreciated in many national and international conferences. The future plan is to bring it from month-end basis of data capturing to the daily voucher level.

The solution was required to make the information available at the state/district/block as well as in the public domain over the internet. It had to provide online details of SHGs and their financial status and the financial status of PRI on each rural development scheme over the internet.


It was decided to develop a web-based system keeping in view the network availability up to the block level in the state. The solution made use of Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, IIS and ASP. PRIYASOFT has two modules namely PRI Accounts and SHG Accounts. The PRI account is maintained under three layers of account heads: Major account, sub account and minor account for all three-tier PRIs. The Major account takes care of all the rural development schemes. The Sub account manages accounts, bank, cash and advance at the district, block and village panchayat levels.

The Minor head manages in flow and outflow at all the three levels. The SHG accounts provides financial status of SHGs. This is an easily replicable application in all the states in India as the PRI system of fund management is same for all.

The solution provides detailed, monthly financial position of each PRI, generates financial reports at state/ district/block level for different RD schemes. It has enforced financial transparency in PRI administration,  made latest information available at each three-tier PRI and state levels and provided online details of SHGs and their financial status.




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