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IT For National Importance

Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Programme (RGCLP)
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Windows Server 2003;
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Office 2003;
FrontPage 2003;
.NET 2003
Assam Electronic Development Corporation Limited (AMTRON),

Schools go digital in Assam

 Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Programme (RGCLP), a unique educational venture with private sector participation, is intended to carry forward the vision of Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, to “build a computer literate Assam”. The Government of Assam has initiated the programme to impart computer education in the State’s government schools. The Planning and Development Department and AMTRON, the state nodal agency for information technology embarked on this ambitious project of providing computer education, free of cost, to the students of the government schools. AMTRON has tied up with NIIT and CMC. In the first three phases, the RGCLP has covered all the 630 higher secondary schools across the state. The challenge was to provide not only IT literacy to all the school children of the state but also help in building a new generation of talent that has a changed mindset.


This BOT-model project is built around infrastructure creation, system integration, facilities management, education delivery, students learning and teachers training. Each school has been equipped with computers, licensed software, external modem, dotmatrix printer, UPS, switch, suitable software for sharing the internet, computer tables, chairs, printer tables, instructor tables and chairs, and power-generating set. The computer education will be facilitated by two faculty members. The Microsoft Shiksha Programme has helped regular subject teachers in gaining the required computer skills which help them to impart computer aided education. The required course content including CBTs for computer aided learning and spoken English have been provided to each school. The faculty uses NetMeeting as a teaching tool while addressing a large group of students.

The programme has helped in spreading computer literacy across all sections of the society, especially to the poor and rural students hitherto denied an opportunity to learn on computers. It has provided an opportunity for the community to learn computers after school hours. This helps immensely in bridging the digital divide. It has helped students in gaining necessary command over the language with the help of the spoken English module, a part of RGCLP deliverables.

The computers are also being used to teach non-computer science subjects. New employment opportunities have been provided to more than 1,300 youth. Also, 15,243 teachers have been trained under Shiksha.




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