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March 2006


National Informatics Centre,
Udyog Bhavan,
Ganesh Khind Road,


Red Hatâ Enterprise Linuxâ Version 5.0,
PostgreSQL Version 8.1.4,
PHP Version 5.0,
Apache 2.0 Web Server


RojgarWahini: Opportunities for Unemplyoed

RojgarWahini has been developed for Maharashtra’s Department of Employment and Self Employment. The dynamic, portable, Unicode enabled portal aims to provide access to data of over 35 lakh registered candidates registered with 45 exchanges in 35 districts. The portal is a single point contact for all services provided by the department.

The portal facilitates online candidate registration, profile updation, employer registration, filing of EMI returns and searches for suitable candidates in the data of registered candidates. It has been designed to cover the ‘self employment guidance activities’ of the Department. The portal aims to disseminate information, guidance and advice to the unemployed youth regarding self-employment schemes, vacancies, courses and training details, details of documents, no-objection certificates, and agencies involved with complete contact details.


The technology used in designing the solution is Linux, PHP, PostgreSQL and Apache web server. The system adheres to international code standards. The pages are designed using Unicode fonts, to be displayed in Marathi or English, as appropriate to the subject. It is innovative since earlier no manual or computer-based system was available, which could disseminate such massive and collaborative information in a local language.
User friendly interface was ensured as 80 per cent of the candidates registered with the Employment Exchanges in Maharashtra are senior or higher school subjects and not conversant with English. They possess few employable skills. Hence, the content and layout of the site was designed so as to communicate in a friendly and positive manner using local idiom and language  and minimal keyboard/ mouse interface. Transactions of all exchanges are entered in weekly schedules and the eight exchanges load weekly data on the same day.


The portal is available on a 24x7 basis. The candidates need not travel to the exchange and wait in queue for their registration or renewal. Candidate can even download the application form and can register, update and renew registration, see vacancies, view employers, contact the exchange, submit queries and find the submission status. Employers too can register with exchange, submit returns, vacancy notifications and advertise posts and search candidates.


Since open source technology has been used, the website can be ported on any platform. With the installation of a high-end server as planned, all 45 exchanges can upload and download information at same time. The portal can be enabled for any language without any programming effort.

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